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5 Common Hiring Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Selecting the right people for the right role is a difficult task and can often have two very different outcomes. Do it effectively and reap the benefits of a high performing team later. Do it fast and cheap now, and pay the price later of increased staff turnover, under performing teams, and drain on your time.

We asked our longest standing consultant Josh Finestone to describe common employee selection mistakes that he has seen during his time as a recruiter.

Failing to use a range of channels

Too often I see hiring managers dipping into the same pool of candidates or using the same tried and tested recruitment methods. In today’s competitive market it is so important to make use of a range of channels including social media, personal networking and referral schemes to name a few.

Asking the wrong interview question

I like to receive feedback from my candidates. However, It often becomes clear that the questions they were asked did not follow the best approach.

There is not ‘one question that fits all’ but there are definitely a series of questions to establish if the candidate is the right fit.

It is important for the interviewer to plan and prepare questions that relate specifically to the position. Try not to use the same questions for every interview.

Common behaviour based questions that I thin work the best include:

  • describe a stressful work situation and what you did about it. …
  • describe a project you worked on as part of a team. …
  • how did you resolve a difficult situation with? …
  • tell me about your proudest professional accomplishment

Relying on your gut instinct

No single aspect of the hiring process should be relied on to heavily.  This applies to the common mistake of choosing to go with your gut instinct. Your gut instinct should never be used over more vigorous and proven methods such as behaviour or competency based questions.

Not creating an accurate job description

Before you can begin advertising for a position, you must be clear exactly what it is you are looking for.

By creating an accurate job description, you will understand the type of candidate you are looking for based on specifics skills, abilities, knowledge, experience and personal attributes.

If you fail to produce a detailed job description you might discover late in the process that you are considering the wrong candidate. Or worst-case scenario once you have made the hire!

Mistaking performance for potential

Don’t Confuse High Potential with High Performance. Here’s Why…….

High performers: These people do their job exceptionally well, but the problem is the skills that helped them achieve high performer status won’t always transfer to a particular role or environment.

High potentials: These people have the capacity to perform well in many roles. Their range of skills makes them an asset to any company but it’s important to remember that high potentials are still developing. They’ll need time to grow into a new role and probably won’t look like a high performer straight away.

Hiring staff can be expensive and time-consuming, so it is vitally important that you are organised, trust your methods and know exactly what it is you are looking for. If you fail to get it right, first time then your risk being faced with high staff turnover.

If you would like to speak to a consultant at Brix Projects regarding your next hire or you would like to find out a little more about our hiring process, please get in touch today.

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