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What industries can benefit from labour hire in Australia

“Labour hire is the term applied (especially in Australia) to provision of outsourced skilled and unskilled blue-collar workers hired for short- or long-term positions.” Wikipedia

Australia has a long-standing history of employment through labour hire companies; labour hire relates to outsourced skilled and unskilled workers (as per Wiki statement!) across a variety of different industries and sectors.

Labour hire can be useful for businesses across different industries in Australia such as mining, rail , and the majority of labour hire is within the construction industry. Labour hire is also popular within the agriculture, industrial, transport, food processing and logistics industries Australia wide. For example farmers who require short-term employees during busy times of the year will recruit using labour hire. BriX Projects are specialists in construction labour hire and today we are going to look into each industry and how skilled labour hire can be a benefit to each:


icon-labour-hireConstruction Labour Hire

The construction industry in Australia massively embraces labour hire as a useful tool to providing skilled workers on worksites around the country. Finding skilled workers is a consistent problem in Australia as there is a definite skills shortage across much needed trades such as electricians, carpenters and bricklayers. BriX Projects specialise in construction labour hire as we have a long standing reputation within the industry which means we have a long list of potential candidates for available construction work, where companies don’t want to employ directly but would rather outsource the sourcing, employment and administration involved with finding workers for their projects.

There are several different reasons why labour hire is a useful resource for the construction industry, to name a few;

  • Saves time and money for companies by taking away the hassle of the recruitment process; advertising roles, sifting through applications, interviewing, administration… most labour hire companies already have a large database of workers that they can recommend for placement on your project.
  • Some projects don’t require full time or long-term employees, therefore labour hire is the perfect solution to find temporary workers to complete a project whilst keeping costs down.
  • Finding good people can often be a challenge with experience varying from candidate to candidate, whereas using a labour hire company can take that risk away as they work with their employees on a regular basis so have already had feedback on their skillset, reliability and so on.


icon-mining-contructionMining Labour Hire

With the recent decline in the mining sector over the years it is increasingly important to be stringent when taking on new employees. This is where labour hire for the mining industry can play an important role.

The mining industry requires highly skilled workers for a large variety of roles in open cut mining, underground mining as well as operations support. Spending time sourcing suitable candidates for the spectrum of roles can be long and costly, essentially holding up productivity. For example finding operators that have mining experience can be a challenge, but a labour hire company that specialises in mining labour hire (such as BriX Projects) will have a selection of ideal candidates for the role.

As well as being time consuming which runs into additional costs, because of the instability within the mining industry in Australia at the moment it poses a higher risk to companies taking on full time members of staff or going through the employment process themselves when they could save time and money using a labour hire company to do the leg work for you. Using a labour hire company to supply your workers removes an element of risk as you can employ them as long as they are needed, whether it be short or long-term without the hassle of having to make people redundant at the end of the project.


icon-rail-constructionRail Labour Hire

Even before the recent development work for the Sydney light rail, the rail industry within Australia is highly productive and employs a large number of workers nationwide. The rail industry has stringent regulations for workers requiring the latest documentation to be provided such as an RIW card, which can make finding the right employee for your project a long process as you’re not only looking for candidates with the right skills and experience, but also candidates that hold the right certifications and approvals.

This is where using a labour hire company can be of benefit; for example at BriX Projects we have a sophisticated database of all of our rail work employees, which includes all of their accreditations, skills and previous experience. We work very hard to make sure that all of our employees have all of their required documentation up to date so we don’t have any delay in getting the right people for the position to our clients quickly. So essentially, the same as construction labour hire and mining labour hire, using a labour hire company to employ your rail workers can save rail companies time and money and make sure that the right person for the job is there on time and ready to work hard.
If you are interested in using a labour hire company in Sydney or anywhere in Australia, then BriX Projects can provide the fast, efficient and cost effective service that you are looking for. Call us today to speak to one of our team of specialists who will discuss your needs with you to identify the best possible candidates for your available positions, whatever industry you may be in. Call us today on 1800 621 066 or contact us online.

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