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Keep Your Staff Motivated with These 5 Top Tips

There can be no denying that 2020 has been a tough year, and many of your staff may be feeling a little flat and unmotivated. It is important to show your staff that they are valued; lift their spirits and improve motivation with these 5 motivational tips from Brix Projects. Looking for skilled labour recruitment services? Contact Brix Projects today and one of our recruiters will find the right people for the role.

Create a Positive Vibe

There’s no reason why the office should feel dull and boring, and it is easier than you think to liven up the atmosphere and create a positive vibe. Your staff will spend long hours indoors and a lack of light (or too much artificial fluorescent light) will quickly drain motivation. Natural light has been proven to boost mood and increase productivity, so try to get as much natural light as possible into your office, supplemented by warm lighting fixtures. Many offices also like to incorporate fun equipment such as ping pong tables and bean bags which employees can use in their downtime. A few plants dotted around the office will also help to create a more natural, calming effect which will raise productivity and happiness levels.

You might also want to think about a flexible working schedule, particularly given the current state of affairs. You could consider offering your staff the choice of working from home or coming into the office a few days a week. The productivity gains of flexible work arrangements are well documented, and happy staff are successful staff!

Offer Rewards for Meeting Targets and Deadlines

A job done well deserves to be recognised. Some great non-financial rewards which will be appreciated and boost motivation include things like a team lunch, implementing casual Fridays, offering tickets to an event or even a handwritten note. This helps to create an incentive for doing great work and creates a more positive environment for all your staff.

Check in Regularly

Check in with your staff on a regular basis to see how they’re doing. Sometimes it can take a few weeks to settle in to a new workplace and understand how all the processes work, but by talking your staff through the process they will settle in a lot quicker and be more motivated to succeed in their role. It’s important to maintain a professional demeanour at all times, as a hostile or negative environment can be highly demotivating.

Host Company Celebrations

Both your permanent and temporary staff will appreciate some time away from the workplace to enjoy after work drinks or even a game of golf. This provides your staff with the opportunity to bond with their colleagues and relax within an informal setting.

Respect Autonomy and Independence

No one wants to feel as though they are being watched every minute of their workday. It is important to give your staff space to do their job. Some of your staff may plan their day out with a rigid structure, whilst others may do their best work under pressure or in short bursts throughout the day. As long as your staff are performing and meeting deadlines, there is no reason to micromanage. Employees who have control over their workload will feel more valued and supported, and this translates into a higher level of motivation.


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