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Three ways skilled labour hire can help your business grow

Australia is a country invested in job creation to strengthen its economic future. With new opportunities arising all the time in various industries such as construction, mining and telecommunications, businesses need to feel confident that they are hiring qualified staff to meet project demands. Because these demands fluctuate, the reality is that not all businesses can offer permanent work throughout a project, so investing in labour hire can prove to be a major benefit for the business.

There are three areas that labour hire can help grow your business, meet your project deadlines and save you the burden of recruitment processes, which will inevitably save you time and money.


Flexibility with staff numbersimages

Skilled labour hire gives your business the flexibility to increase and decrease staff as the job requires it. Supplementing staff through temporary labour hire enables you to easily adjust to un/expected work demands without the hassle of a full time recruitment process. Also, if there are any unexpected issues with your permanent staff, hiring temporary staff can elevate the pressure.


cenpher jobLabour hire companies take care of the recruitment process

Labour hire companies, like Brix Projects, can have qualified staff ready to start when you need them. This means that if you require staff with a specialised skill on a temporary basis, you can access the skills you need fast. Brix Projects takes care of all of the paperwork and payrolls; the staff just show up on site and you get an invoice for time.

The cost of using a temporary labour hire recruitment company like Brix Projects is minimal compared to an internal recruitment process. Labour hire companies are like a cost-effective way of ‘test driving’ staff before you decide if you want to fill that role permanently.


Qualified and skilled staff

ExcellenceSkilled labour hire workers often come with a lot of trades experience and will have the most current licences, certification and skill sets that you need. Also, being transient workers they adapt to the work environment cohesively. Temporary staff are often more productive as generally they want to get a permanent position, so they are prepared to work not only for the money, but also for the experience.



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