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You’re a skilled worker – is labour hire for you?

If you’re a skilled construction worker in Sydney or in Australia, there is no doubt that you won’t be short of work or job offers. But what is the right role for you? Do you want to work for yourself and source your own contracts? Or do you want a permanent job with security? With so many different options out there it is hard to consider which one might be the right option for you. What we’re going to ask you today is; have you considered working for a labour hire agency?

Here’s some of our top reasons for why we think you should consider labour hire as your day to day job:

BrixFav Flexibility – with labour hire you can decide when and where you want to work, who doesn’t want that sort of flexibility? You’re only needed on site when your skills are needed, no wasting time waiting around for your job to start either, when one door closes another door opens in the world of labour hire…

BrixFav Easy Employment – don’t worry about where your next job is coming from, spending hours on the phone to builders or contractors to guarantee your next pay cheque. With labour hire the agency will take care of finding you the work, and most importantly ensuring you are paid correctly and on time. They will even take care of your tax for you if you want to work tax file, or you still have the flexibility of working using your own ABN.

BrixFav Build Your Experience – you may be qualified and experienced, but working for a labour hire agency will allow you to work on different projects and construction sites, meaning that you can learn new skills and add valuable experience to your CV. It may mean that you work on different projects that you would not have had access to as a one man band.

BrixFav Making the Most of Your Skills – don’t get stuck doing every part of the job… are you a carpenter? You should be doing carpentry, not general labour or chipping in (pardon the pun) with other jobs on the site. Labour hire means that you are hired exclusively for your skill/trade.

BrixFav Full Time Employment – working for a labour hire agency allows you easy access to a number of companies and clients that if you impress while you are working there, could offer you the possibility of full time employment with them. You can work for the rest and pick the best.

Do you think that labour hire might be the best option for you? Do you want to know more about the different rates and positions that are currently being recruited for? Contact us at BriX Projects today – we are the labour hire experts, whether you’re a skilled tradesman or just looking for a labouring job to tide you over between roles. Contact us today on 1800 621 066 or register online today.

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