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5 Soft Skills You Need to Be Successful

You’ve just completed your job application for a job you’ve always wanted. You feel confident that you’re the perfect candidate but why? That’s SIMPLE — you have everything needed for this job including, training, knowledge and technical skills.

However, what you’ve failed to consider is one huge factor – the COMPETITION !

Unless you have specialised skills or specific experience that you’ve forgotten to mention, the chances are you will be one of many qualified applicants who are failing to stand out from the crowd with their application.

Applicants who can demonstrate a range of soft skills are the candidates that are in high demand in today’s competitive job market. Soft skills show an employer that you have the right attitude and interpersonal skills to work well with others and distinguish yourself in the work place.

So, in order to succeed you must develop your soft skills in the workplace which will give you the edge over your competition.


This is the most obvious soft skill but not one that is simple to master. Many of us prefer working alone to get the job done quickly. However, it is important to demonstrate that you are a team player and can trust others. If you can show enthusiasm for accepting colleagues’ ideas and maximizing your team’s overall efficiency – you’ll be putting yourself well ahead of the competition.


You won’t get far in the workplace if you don’t have the ability to communicate well with those around you. The ability to communicate with clients and team members is key and at the top of nearly all employers’ “essential skills” lists

Having strong communication skills in the digital age means solid writing and speaking skills, both in person and over the web with tools like video conferencing and email. You can demonstrate your communication skills in an interview by practicing active listening, asking questions, remembering the interviewer’s name and sending a thank-you note.


Flexibility is an important soft skill, since it demonstrates an ability and willingness to embrace new tasks and new challenges calmly and without fuss.

Flexible employees are willing to help out where needed, take on extra responsibilities and can adapt quickly when plans change.

Employers are looking for candidates who can show a willing and upbeat attitude, and who are unfazed by change.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Critical thinking is a skill that allows you to objectively examine information to determine the best way to move forward, and it’s a key component of problem solving.

You can brush up on your critical-thinking skills by practicing on problems you encounter in your daily life. How can you save enough money to take a vacation next year? What does your football team need to work on in order to win their next game? Ask smart questions, conduct research and make an educated guess to solve the problem.

Time Management

Being able to manage your time effectively is essential in virtually every job and industry. Employers want to know their employees can meet deadlines and handle their workloads effectively – especially in a busy and fast-paced work environments – and the ability to stay on top of things is important. You need to be able to juggle multiple assignments, prioritize, find ways to be productive, and delegate (or ask for help) when necessary.

Here at Brix Projects we encourage staff to consider ways to develop their soft skills so that they are in a stronger position to secure a long a long-term job.  It also means that when our consultants send candidates to our clients we are confident they will not be disappointed and will come back to us to hire staff time and time again.

We have an exciting range of roles on offer to skilled candidates, and we invite you to register on our database today. Please contact us on 1800 621 066 or email your resume to to speak to one of our recruitment specialists.

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