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Benefits of flexible work schedules

Technology has come a long way, and now more than ever employers are embracing flexible work schedules to improve the efficiency of their business and give employees greater flexibility at work. Whereas once employees all needed to be in the office, technology now provides new ways to share, collaborate and work remotely so that your staff can skip the commute and be more productive no matter where they may be. 

In this blog post, Brix Projects share 7 key benefits of flexible work schedules. Need staff? Call us today. 

1. Reduced Expense

Many offices are beginning to embrace hot-desking schemes, which give employees the flexibility to work in and out of the office as they see fit. Instead of having a desk to themselves, on the days they come into the office they can choose to work at any available seat/computer. 

What does this mean for your business? It means you don’t need to shell out for a larger office space, as there will always be ample space for staff coming to work in the office. You can grow your team without worrying about needing to find a space for everyone, helping to cut down on business related expenses. 

2. Maximize Productivity

Your business functions more efficiently when your staff are more productive. With the opportunity to work from home, there’s no need to waste valuable time on a daily commute. There are also less distractions at home, and employees are more inclined to make an effort to prove they are capable of being diligent, independent workers. The majority of HR directors have observed that work from home arrangements increase productivity amongst staff, and an arrangement such as this is well worth a try for any business. 

3. Increased Motivation to ‘Think outside the box’

Employees who are happy and motivated will also be more likely to exert their creative juices and think outside the box. Innovation helps your business grow from strength to strength, and for times your employees choose to come into the office, they’ll be more willing to offer their ideas and suggestions. This means your work processes, project performance and workplace morale all stand to improve. 

4. Ease of Management

There’s no need to micro-manage your staff, good staff know what needs to be done and remain focussed on performing tasks to the best of their ability. In giving them the freedom to work from home, you can take a back seat and rest assured the job will be done to a high standard. If any issues arise, your staff will be happy to get in touch with their manager to clarify any concerns. This can be done via live chat programs or Google spreadsheets, which make management and allocation of tasks a whole lot easier.

5. Happier, Healthier Staff

We all get stressed from time to time, and workloads can sometimes feel overwhelming. Everyone needs some time to themselves, and by working from home on an as-needed basis your staff will feel a lot more comfortable, happier and healthier. This improves workplace morale and satisfaction, it’s a win-win situation for all. 

6. Long-Term Staff

Your staff are more likely to stay with your company long term if you show them your trust. A staff member who feels as though they are a valuable member of your company will be more likely to go above and beyond in their duties, and they’ll also be able to balance their work, social and family life much better than they would in a more restrictive organization. 

7. Wider Pool of Talent

With the rise of the gig economy and flexible work arrangements, many people now place a high priority on finding a role which offers flexibility. This is particularly true for those with young children or other commitments. By embracing and promoting a flexible work culture, you will attract a wider pool of talent which means roles will be filled much faster.

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