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Our Top 5 Facts about the Recruitment Industry

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As a boutique recruitment agency, we are often asked about what we do and if we love our job. Our immediate and most straightforward answer is that we are a specialised recruitment service that provides a candidate with quality information about job vacancies, and yes, we love our job. But it can be both a tough and rewarding because our primary role is working with people, whether you need someone to work for you or you are looking for a job. As a specialised recruitment service, while you see that our consultants are knowledgable and work seamlessly to meet your needs, you may also be interested in looking further into what the recruitment industry is about and what our team do to make your time with us run smoothly.

  1. Who has the final say?

When applying for professional jobs through our agency and interviewing with our consultants, you need to understand that our recruiters often don’t have the final say. You may feel like you just had your best interview or phone conversation with the recruiter that you have ever had, but most companies that hire us have their own internal system who review our recommendations.

  1. Recruitment can be challenging.

Like any job, working in a boutique recruitment agency presents itself with challenges, but it is also quite rewarding. While finding the right person for our client’s workplace can be a juggernaut, helping fill positions and seeing the gratitude of both the employee and employer is heartwarming and spurs us on to keep working hard to get the best possible results.

  1. Not all agencies are the same.

It is pertinent to understand that not all agencies are the same. Our recruitment agency is a boutique recruitment agency that specialises in a range of industries including construction, information technology and engineering. Our team have specialised knowledge in our industry areas so they can best advise our clients. When choosing a recruitment agency, it is essential to do your research before signing up to make sure they fit your niche.

  1. We spend a LOT of time on the phone.

Our recruiters spend a lot of time getting up close and personal with their phones, easily speaking with 20-50 people a day. This may sound unappealing to some, but our team love communicating with clients and working towards gaining a positive result. Additionally, they need to be amazing at leaving succinct voicemails.

  1. Excellent people skills are essential.

Our recruiter’s primary role is working with people, just like you. The recruitment agency business is people-based and requires our team to be able to listen, communicate and assess skills of people quickly and easily. Also, as with any role working with people, they need patience, empathy, negotiation skills and a warm, friendly manner.

Bonus point…Recruitment Agencies thrive on success.

Regardless of whether you are looking to find an employee or seeking employment, we thrive on making it work for you. Our recruiters want to see all their clients succeed and achieve the very best outcomes, so they use everything at their disposal to ensure that each need is met. They thrive on seeing you succeed and are there with you long-term to achieve your goals which is why they spend time getting to know you and help build on available opportunities.

In a nutshell, the recruitment industry is all about YOU! As a specialised agency, it is our role to find the right person for the professional job, whether you are an employer or employee. We want to see you succeed and for professional jobs to be filled with the assistance and expertise of our specialised recruitment services team. 

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