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What colour is your collar?


Across the globe, every employment sector can be identified by a particular colour. Whilst you may have heard about blue and white-collar jobs, there are actually many more and it’s worth taking the time to understand the difference between them all. Brix Projects are here to help shed some light and let you know where you stand.


White Collar – Professionals who work in offices and administrative settings, typically on a full-time salaried basis. White collar work may also be referred to as a “desk job” and involves carrying out data entry, communications, administrative tasks and more using a computer.

Blue Collar – historically blue collar workers wore blue uniforms and worked in trade occupations. Other aspects that could define blue collar workers might include education and salary but typically blue collar workers carry out physical/manual labour tasks. This includes occupations such as mechanics, builders, factory employees, construction, firefighting, processing and much more.

Pink Collar – Jobs which are care-oriented and/or typically performed by women, though men are increasingly showing interest in this sector.  Typical pink-collar jobs include healthcare, nursing, waitressing, floristry, teaching assistant, child care, receptionist work etc. These jobs usually pay less than white/blue collar jobs.

Gold Collar – This classification is a recent introduction, and it can refer to one of two people: young, low-wage earners who demand luxurious work arrangements (flex-time, own office, enjoyment at work etc), OR highly-skilled knowledge workers who would traditionally be classified as white-collar but are now seen as essential assets to business. Examples include scientists, doctors and lawyers, computer programmers, stock analysts etc.

Grey Collar – People who are multi-talented and perform aspects of both white and blue-collar work may be considered grey-collar. Elderly people who work beyond retirement also fall into this category. Occupations include technology workers, police officers, technicians etc.

Orange Collar – A recently emerged classification which covers workers involved with mining and mining-related construction. It can also be used to refer to prison labourers and people who are willing to work off-shore, in remote areas etc. These workers typically wear a high-vis orange coloured polo shirt, no matter what their job title may be.

Black Collar – Typically refers to coal miners and oil workers, but it can also include artists, graphic designers, video producers etc. It gets its name due to the dirty nature of the work, as well as the fact that many people in creative industries have adopted black uniforms.

Red Collar – People in government jobs of any kind.


Brix Projects specialise in white, blue, pink and grey collar work. Whether you are a business professional, labourer, office manager, engineer, qualified tradesperson or something in between – you will find your place with Brix Projects.

We create long lasting relationships with our clients and have connections with the nations leading employers, making us the preferred choice for labour hire. When you engage our services, you can rely on us to deliver quality candidates covering a wide range of skills and trades. We aim to minimise disruption to your business, so that you can rest easy in the knowledge that the job will be completed on time, on budget and to a high standard.


What this means for clients?

Brix is your ‘one stop shop’ for all your hiring needs. Our vision is to be recognised as Australia’s number ONE business partner for all construction recruitment requirements.

Our specialist consultants provide a premium-level recruitment service and focus on a broad range of roles across the building and construction, civil, engineering, electrical, rail and office support sectors.


What this means for candidates?

No matter which colour you fall into, Brix Projects are a specialised team who have been placing candidates just like you into exciting roles for a number of years.

We have connections with a wide range of clients in Sydney as well as across Australia, all of whom are seeking the highest quality people. We can place you in a fantastic new role, so get in contact with us today to register your interest.


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