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Alternatives to Asking For A Pay Rise

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is not a good time to be asking for a pay rise. Your businesses revenue may have slumped due to less sales closing or a drop off in regular clients. Either way, your boss probably will not be too positively inclined towards a request for a higher salary and will probably tell you that you are just lucky to be employed during this time. Instead of asking for a pay rise, there are several things you can request that may improve the outlook of your daily work. We have prepared the following list of things to ask your boss for instead of a pay rise to help you get through the pandemic and continue to enjoy your work as much as possible.

Flexible Hours

Things like flexible hours and working from home give employees an additional degree of autonomy that can help improve their emotional state at work. With a personal work schedule, you can dedicate more time to family obligations. Deciding when you work can optimise your productivity by allowing you to work when you are at your best. You output will increase and you can deliver a higher standard of performance.

Better Office

When the pressures of your job are getting you down, instead of solving the problem with money, why not ask for a new space to work from? Real estate is often more readily available in most offices than financial capital. A new space can give you a fresh outlook and perspective on your work. Your focus may improve and your overall productivity too. Ask for a window seat or a quiet corner office. You will project success to your clients and colleagues which can tremendously enhance your career.

Title Change

Your job title is more than just a definition of your professional responsibilities.  Your title conveys your level of authority and responsibility within your organisation. Being labelled as someone employed at a higher level in the company is distinctive and allows for a better career trajectory. It is for all of these reasons that a different job title can enhance your future employability prospects.

A New Project

If the monotony of your daily work life is getting too much to bear, why not ask for a new project to work on? This may be a unique task within the scope of your existing responsibilities or something entirely new. A new project can increase your enjoyment at work and gives you the chance to engage with new departments. It will help you to develop new professional skills and may open up opportunities for employment in new departments.

Professional Education Opportunities
Professional development is certainly something your employer be positively disposed to when you ask. Upskilling is the lifeblood of any successful organisation and, like taking on a new project, learning new skills in a learning environment can significantly enhance your career. Guest speakers, an evening or weekend course, a diploma or even a degree would make a serious contribution to your professional skills and can significantly benefit the company that is employing you.

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