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The True Costs of Bad Hiring Decisions

When making hiring decisions, it’s important to take your time and establish a candidate’s suitability not only to the role but also your workplace dynamics and team culture. Choosing the wrong person could mean wasted time, wasted money and negatively affect your staff morale – and these are things every business owner hopes to avoid. It is not uncommon for candidates to misrepresent themselves in their resume, whilst they may seem like the perfect fit on paper it is important to ascertain their work ethic and personality prior to making a hiring decision.

Bad hiring decisions could devastate your business, and in this blog post Brix Projects will be highlighting the true cost of these decisions.

Time and Money

Filling a position is never an easy process, taking a significant amount of time and monetary investment. In Australia, it takes around 68 days on average to fill a vacant position. If you make the wrong decision, that’s an immense amount of sunk costs.

If you aren’t utilising the services of a labour hire company such as Brix Projects, then you’ve also got to consider the advertising costs, interviews, reference/background checks and more. Staff who are involved in the hiring process will be less productive, and this may place additional stress on your extended team. Working with a labour hire company can save time and money, ensuring that your position is filled sooner by a qualified candidate and keeping your team operating at maximum capacity.

Onboarding Costs

It’s rare that someone walks into a company and immediately hits the ground running. It can take a few months for a new staff member to develop the knowledge and ability to perform within a role, and this too takes time and money. Every business uses different systems and processes, and whilst job titles may be standardised, experiences on the job can differ drastically. Your existing staff will be taking time out of their schedule to show your new hire the ropes, and you may need to spend more money on training courses or additional resources – so you don’t want to find out you made the wrong hiring decision too late.

Company Reputation

Your clients are the lifeblood of your business, and naturally you want to provide the utmost in service quality. You’ve worked hard to establish a successful business, but making the wrong hiring decision could undo all your hard work and ruin your business reputation. A bad hire in a customer facing position, or someone who makes serious mistakes which directly impact your clients is the last thing you want to be dealing with.

Staff Morale

Hiring someone who is lazy, arrogant, frequently turns up late, doesn’t work well in a team or all of the above will negatively affect your staff morale. This will put a strain on communication and disrupt your business efficiencies.

Invest in The Right People – Contact Brix Projects Today

Making a bad hiring decision could be devastating for your business. For peace of mind and quality staff at short notice, please contact the friendly team of recruitment experts at Brix Projects. With all candidate’s background checked and fit for task, we’ll help your business go from strength to strength. Call now on 1800 621 066, or email and a team member will be in touch to discuss your business needs.

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