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Common construction interview questions and how to answer them

Tell us about yourself…….?

This is normally the 1st question and is supposed to ease you into the interview.

Don’t see this as invitation to tell your life story but more to share something about your background and to emphasise why you stand out as the best candidate for the role.

It is also important that you don’t simply recite what is written in your resume and that you try to tailor your question to suit the needs of the organisation.

For example, you could say “I was born and raised in Sydney and have excellent knowledge of the local construction industry. I am a Leading Hand Carpenter and have always worked closely with the Project Manager. In my previous role I had the opportunity to be involved in many challenging projects and provide supervision and leadership to a team of carpenters”

Give an example of when you…….?

Interviewers love competency based questions, they use this style of question to find out if you have the correct skills for the job. Always expect be asked to give examples of when you have used particular skills.

Try and use examples that you have not used in your resume. Our great tip is to always follow the STAR format. Explain the situation, the tasks you had to complete, the actions you took and the results of your actions.

What do you know about the company…….?

Interviewers want to be sure you are serious about the role and have a genuine interest in the company so make sure you do some proper research before the interview to prepare yourself for this question. Try and prepare answers to the following…….

  • What does the firm do? Is it a contractor or consultancy?
  • What projects do they specialise in? (you could even name a recent project)
  • Who is their main competitor ?
  • Check out their website and social media platforms and comment on any news they may have shared

What could you bring to the company / role?

You are guaranteed to hear this question at every job interview and if you don’t plan your answer you could be stuck not knowing what to say. The trick is to summarise what you can offer without waffling, whilst also ensuring your answer isn’t too brief, as this could suggest you don’t have the right skills or you aren’t up for the challenge.

Consider what attributes the employer would be looking for and pick at least three of these that you would bring to the role. Answer this question by discussing each attribute.

  • Team Player
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Strong communication skills
  • Passion for the construction industry
  • In depth local knowledge

If you are currently attending interviews and would like to speak to one of our specialist consultants for further advice or to find out about all our latest job opportunities please contact the office on 1800 621 066.

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