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Creating a Greener Sydney

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The population of Sydney is growing at a rapid rate, so it’s important that we look for smart new ways to manage growth and minimise environmental impacts. Brix Projects, along with construction companies all around Sydney, are committed to building a more sustainable Sydney. Going green is a great idea for business owners, as it gives them a competitive advantage in the market.
In this blog post, we will discuss some of the ways in which construction methods have changed as we work towards a greener future for all.

What is Green Building?

In planning for a green Sydney, builders and planners have had to come up with ways of creating more resource efficient, environmentally responsible buildings. Green building begins at the design stage, where the builders and architects consider the natural surroundings and the expected lifespan of a building. The idea is that environmental impacts will be minimised at every stage of construction and throughout the life of the building. It is important that any land, water, energy and other resources surrounding the building are not disrupted. A green building should add positive benefits to the environment whilst still providing value to humans and serving its purpose.
This can be accomplished in various ways. Many builders are choosing to use recycled materials whenever possible, and buildings are promoting health and wellbeing by incorporating features such as green walls, natural light and ventilation and intelligent design to regulate temperature and reduce reliance on electrical heating/cooling systems.

How Construction is Changing

There has been a gradual shift towards sustainable building practices. The City of Sydney has established the ‘Sustainable Sydney 2030’ strategy as well as the Environmental Action 2016-2021 plan, both of which aim to improve environmental outcomes for the future.
At Brix, we are strong advocates for a greener Sydney. We have noticed that many of our clients have also been moving towards a more environmentally conscious method of construction, as well as incorporating environmental principles into their business processes through methods such as:
• Lowering CO2 emissions
• Responsible resource and materials use
• Making buildings more efficient (lights, technologies, recycling etc)
• Installing solar panels
• Improving biodiversity
• Managing indoor air quality
• Eco-friendly behaviour and design
Many businesses as well as schools, hospitals, community centres and other public buildings have expressed a desire to go green, and the demand is not slowing down. Whilst initial constructions costs may be slightly higher, it is important to remember that savings will be made long-term both in terms of improved productivity from employees as well as reduced energy costs.

Education and Compliance

The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) was established in 2002 and their office is based in Barangaroo, Sydney. The GBCA is at the forefront of sustainable building design, and they are responsible for certification, education and advocation for sustainable building. They have helped more than 600 Australian businesses go green and are passionate about building a healthy, resilient future for people and the environment in Australia.
The introduction of the Green Star rating system for buildings has also spurred increased interest in green building. To achieve certification, buildings must meet specific benchmarks in the following areas: indoor environment quality, waste, water, energy and ecology. Exceptional buildings receive a rating of 5 stars (Australian Excellence), and those that are considered to be at the ‘World Leadership’ level receive 6 stars.
Buildings with a Green Star rating produce up to 62% less greenhouse emissions (on average) compared to traditional buildings, and they also use about 51% less potable water. These statistics are good news for both business owners, employees and the wider population as it will save businesses money and contribute to a happier, cleaner environment for everyone.

How Brix is Helping

Brix Projects are excited to see the changes underway within the construction industry, and we are proud to play our part too. We’re committed to taking a responsible, pro-active approach to minimising environmental impacts both on site and in the office. We wish to protect Australia’s heritage and iconic natural surroundings as best we can, and this is at the forefront of all business ventures and relationships with our clients, suppliers and employees. We’ve taken the following steps towards ensuring a green future:

• 2017 – We introduced a web based paperless time sheet system

• Switched to electronic invoicing for all our clients

• Switched to an electronic document/archive management system

• Reduced our carbon emissions by downsizing the company fleet and encouraging use of public transport

• Established recycling program for our staff + encouraging reclamation of waste whenever possible

Sydney is in the middle of a construction boom, and the transition towards sustainable design in construction means a brighter future for all. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for the city, and we are proud to play our part in reducing environmental impacts.

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