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Labour Hire Sydney – why it’s booming

Labour hire has increasingly became an important part of the construction industry since the early 90s, as more and more labour hire agencies began appearing to support the growing demand for skilled workers in construction. Australia as a country has a massive skills shortage in various skilled construction related occupations due to the low volume of young people learning these skills compared to the high demands.

Labour Hire in Sydney

Whilst labour hire in general is popular across the country in different industries such as mining, rail and construction, in Sydney there is a particularly high demand from construction companies to find their staff from labour hire agencies and this blog will explore why.

Sydney – booming!

At the moment there are countless numbers of construction projects underway in Sydney; from the introduction of new road systems to aid congestion in areas around the city, to building completely new rail systems to improve dated networks (such as the first under the harbour railway line, the Sydney Light Rail project etc.). Not to mention the influx in new residential developments across the city to cope with the ever increasing number of people residing in Sydney. With so much to be done and deadlines to meet, it’s no wonder that the companies that have been contracted to fulfil these projects are turning to labour hire agencies in Sydney to help source qualified and experienced workers.

Lack of skilled workers

As we touched on earlier in the blog, one of the main reasons that various skilled construction jobs are on the skilled occupation lists with Australian immigration and are in such high demand, is that domestically Australia just doesn’t have the number of skilled and experienced natives to carry out all of the work. Young people leaving education and higher education have been choosing to pursue different career paths which has resulted in massive shortages. Labour hire agencies are able to source reliable employees, saving the construction company time and money trying to recruit this way themselves.

Sydney – dream destination

For those who are Sydney born and bread they have been lucky enough to call such a wonderful city home, but for many Sydney is still a massively attractive prospect as a place to live or relocate your family to. With such fantastic work opportunities (often you will find the highest paid jobs in Sydney and they are plentiful), beautiful scenery and a consistent flow of events for every age and taste, it’s no wonder people are choosing to live here. When you’re new to a city and need to start work straight away, working for a labour hire agency in Sydney can seem like a natural choice.

Will labour hire in Sydney keep growing

In the labour hire industry the number of agencies that are available to work or recruit from are plentiful. With such a high demand from clients for quality, experienced workers and such a low group to source these people from it’s no wonder there are so many agencies that are offering candidates. Each using their own techniques to recruit new staff members, they are a great starting point for a lot construction companies.

Why BriX Projects labour hire?

At BriX Projects we have been working in the construction industry for many years, specialising in labour hire. Our main labour hire operations run from our Sydney office, with the majority of our projects being based here. Over the years we have built up a loyal client base who continue to use us as we provide high quality staff at a competitive price. We also make sure we look after our employees, providing them with the best rates possible and working conditions, to make sure they work as hard for our clients as we do. If you would like to know more about BriX Projects labour hire then please contact our team today on 1800 621 066 or fill in an enquiry and one of our team will get back to you straight away.

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