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What makes a happy employee?

At BriX Projects we pride ourselves on being good employers, and the measure of any good employer is how happy their employees are. As we are a labour hire agency as you can imagine we have a high number of employees, not only in our head office but out on construction sites around Sydney and New South Wales. We have a lot of people to keep happy! But how do we keep our employees happy? What does make a happy employee?



This one seems pretty obvious but is often something that employers will underestimate. As a labour hire agency we can only operate so successfully by offering the best rates to our clients, but also the best rates to our employees. As an employee you are entitled to be paid what you feel you are worth to the company; whether this be based on comparing salaries amongst your peers or the value that you add to the organisation. Ensuring that employees are paid fairly within their given occupation, in relation to the standard market rate and their value to the company will ensure that they feel satisfied.



We’ve all been there, have to leave early one day to attend to a private matter, or phone in sick when we’re not feeling well. It is down to the employer to ensure that they are able to meet the demanding needs of their employees lives within reason. The more flexibility an employer can offer their employees, the more satisfied the employee will be, and providing flexibility of working hours scored highly on our list.



Communication is key with all human interaction, but is even more important in the workplace. As a labour hire Communication-1-300x232agency we understand the importance of communication, as it is communication that allows us to understand what our clients need for their project, it’s communication that allows us to identify the best person for the job. Communication isn’t just a part of our everyday work here at a labour hire agency, but we understand the importance of communication from every level. When employees have consistent communication from management, whether it’s news about what’s happening within the company or being told how they performing at work, it has been shown to be a big contributor to what makes a happy employee.


Opportunities for Growth

growing-baby-plants_largeAs people we grow every single day, whether we notice it or not. At work people are continuously working towards growth, again whether they realise it or not. Whether you want to grow to be paid more money, or if you’re looking to add that extra bit to your resume to make you stand out, growth is an important part of making an employee happy. To keep your employees happy always ensure that you are offering them to opportunity to excel and grow within their job.


Clear ProceduresPPs-300x300

To keep management happy, employees follow procedures. But to keep employees happy, management have to ensure that they have clear and consistent procedures in place in order to make it as simple as possible for employees to follow so that both parties can remain happy. Companies that have clear procedures for employees often have happy employees, we certainly do anyway.


Working Environment

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAIhAAAAJDdlMTU0MmY2LTNmODUtNDNlZS04NjlkLTFmZWZhZmE1YmQxYQNo matter how good the salary, or the management, if you are working in a poor working environment you are not going to be happy. A poor working environment can mean many things; it can be a dangerous environment, or can be an unprofessional environment where employees get little support. Creating an appropriate working environment that creates a feeling of safety and support for employees is crucial to their happiness. As a labour hire agency we have a particular challenge as not only do we have to ensure we create a happy working environment within our team in the office but also manage the working environments of a large volume of employees working in different working environments around Sydney!


At BriX Projects skilled labour hire we pride ourselves on having happy employees, and think it’s our strong understanding of what makes them a happy employee that matters. If you are interested in working for BriX Projects then please contact our team today who will be able to discuss the benefits of working with us in more detail.

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