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Managing your Temporary Staff – The Building Blocks for Success

Calling in a temporary workforce is a great way to get on top of your projects and keep clients happy, and you’ve made the right choice in trust Brix Projects to source and secure quality talent at short notice. Once on board, your temps will quickly begin to show their value – but it’s important that you are able to manage them effectively in order to extract maximum benefit for your business. Many people struggle with managing temporary workers, and it’s easy for these valued team members to fall by the wayside and feel a little left out.

In this blog post, Brix Projects will be sharing some tips to help your temporary staff thrive. If you’re after motivated, keen temps who are eager to deliver a job well done, we’re ready to deliver.


How are Temp Staff different to Permanent Employees?

Permanent staff are usually well entrenched within your business, they know the ins and outs and have likely formed strong relationships with their colleagues. Temporary staff on the other hand are only just starting out, and they may feel a little out of place until they have had time to settle in. There may be different rules and expectations associated with temp workers, but one thing is certain – they deserve to be treated just as well as your permanent staff. This will keep them happy and motivated, enabling them to succeed within their role and helping your business thrive. This will also be of benefit if you plan to invite them back in future, if the need arises.

Tips for Temp Staff Management

  1. Clearly Defined Roles and Management Plan

Before you bring temp staff on board, it’s a good idea to think about the following:

  • Expected Duration of the Role
  • Role Responsibilities and Business Processes
  • How the temp staff member will be made aware of their responsibilities in a clear, easy to understand manner

Time is money, and the less time spent on admin the better. Your temp staff should be able to hit the ground running, knowing exactly what their role(s) are and who they can go to for help. This information should be clearly conveyed at the induction, and we can also go over this during the interview process. Make your expectations clear, but don’t overwhelm them. You might even print out a sheet which they can keep for future reference.

  1. Treat them Like your Permanent Employees

Temps are valuable, and they should not be thought of as disposable. There are many reasons why someone may seek out temp work, with most people seeking to gain valuable experience, make new connections and enjoy the flexibility afforded by this work arrangement. A bad experience in the workplace does not benefit anyone, so you should ensure your temp staff have the best experience possible whilst working on site. Some good ways to ensure their satisfaction include inviting them along to meetings, company events/activities and team lunches. Someone who feels as though they are valued will have much better productivity, and they’ll be happy to come back to work for you again in future should the need arise.

  1. Consult with Them

Check in with your temp staff every now and then to find out how they are going. Temps come from diverse backgrounds and may have a wealth of skills and experience to offer up, so don’t be afraid to ask them about this. They may be able to help you in other aspects of your business, and if a new role opens up, we will be happy to accommodate this. Having casual conversations with your temps will show that they are valued, and you may be able to solve issues or gain new insight that will help you to make better business decisions.

  1. Be a Mentor to Your Temps

Temps are eager to expand their skillset, so instead of leaving them alone you should try to engage with them as a mentor. Some good ways to go about this include offering constructive feedback, providing the opportunity to do something different, answering their questions, discussing career progression and more. A good working relationship will benefit both parties, and your temps will be motivated to do their best, even if they’re only there for a short period.


Brix Projects – Your Partner in Labour Hire

If your business is keen to get a few temps on board to tackle a current or upcoming project, please get in touch with our consultants today. We take care of advertising, sourcing, admin and payroll – all you need to do is manage your temps effectively and you will quickly realise their value.

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