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Recruitment Screening Process In Labour Hire

When you hire labourers for your next construction or civil project, it’s as simple as letting your recruitment agency know what you are looking for. A candidate is then presented for an interview following recruitment screening and selection by the agency. The recruitment phase of the hiring process is a broad process, involving advertising job availability, collecting personal and professional referrals as well as performing social recruitment, and then mapping potential candidates’ talent so that we can deliver the best candidates when and where they are needed. This process has been refined by Brix Projects since we were conceived and is a reliable, robust and proven one. The selection process, however, is a little more complex. It involves evaluating each candidate according to specific criteria to ensure they are a good fit for the role. Some primary recruitment screening criteria that need to be answered in detail by candidates are included below:


Employers and employees alike have expectations of what a person’s responsibilities, remuneration and perks will be when they start in a new role. The employee’s expectations must be identified during a screening interview to ensure that they are similar to the employer’s expectations of daily responsibilities, pay and benefits. Identifying the candidate’s expectations is particularly important because no client wants to employ someone who has expectations of career progression, working hours or salary that are in conflict with their own.

Skills and Experience

Within the labour market, employers are relatively specific about the skills and experience they require of their candidates. In the construction and engineering sector, technical skills, for example, the ability to operate heavy machinery are non-transferable, meaning that only someone with a specific license can be considered as a good fit for the role. A certain level of experience is also needed depending on the job description; to make sure that the quality of the work completed by a new employee is good enough for the client’s needs. Verifying the skills and experience of an applicant involves verifying education certification, licenses and references. Doing so ensures that once the candidate is placed, they will complete a high standard of work aligned with project specifications. 

Background Checks

Background checks are primarily used to verify candidates do not have a criminal record that could impact their ability to do the job successfully. This is mainly conducted when a high level of trust is needed, for example when sensitive information must be handled by the successful applicant.

Cultural Fit

Every organisation employs a range of different personality types. Making sure that a candidate is a good fit for an organisation’s workplace culture is important and ensures they feel welcome when they start in a new role. Similarly, employer expectations of certain procedures, policies and social elements of the job can be met by screening an applicant for communication skills and personality traits.

Brix Projects Recruitment Screening Process

At Brix Projects, we hire labour professionals with a background in the trades sector. We prefer to work with candidates who understand the industry and the challenges that face clients. To ensure we source candidates with the right skills and experience we conduct face to face interviews, carry out background checks and reference investigation and ensure all candidates complete online safety training induction to overcome any knowledge gaps before they commence work on a project.

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