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Recruitment VS Selection Must Be Clear During Talent Acquisition

Recruitment vs selection is a delicate synthesis. Within the talent acquisition sector there is often confusion between the two terms ‘recruitment’ and ‘selection’. Talent acquisition specialists should take note of the following definitions:

Recruitment is the process of finding talented people with varying levels of experience before an opening exists.

Selection is making a withdrawal from the bank of candidates for an opening you have available in your role.

Recruitment vs selection can be differentiated based on each term’s proximity to what is referred to as a ‘talent bank’. A talent bank is where a recruiter will make ‘deposits’. They will evaluate resumes, interview applicants and keep their details on-file for when they secure an employment contract. Talent acquisition specialists should recruit people equipped with all levels of skills and training and then use their critical judgement when a contract is signed and employment opportunities become available to hire the right person for the job.

If you have a well-supplied talent bank, you can readily ‘withdraw’ or ‘select’ from it to fit the particular opening you have in your department. If your talent bank includes people with a range of skill levels and training, you enable yourself to fill a vast range of positions, ranging from entry level to senior management. At the end of the day, hiring the right person is only possible using your best decision making skills. The goal of candidate selection should be to match the training, skills and experience available within your talent bank and the client’s requirements.

If you recruit actively, it then follows that you have a well-stocked talent bank; a true asset which you can use to select the best candidate for a job. The danger of recruiting and selecting at the same time is that you may compromise on employee quality when it comes time to make the decision about who to actually hire. If you are recruiting at the last minute, you risk selecting underqualified candidates for recommendation.

It’s certainly possible to maintain a talent bank for years and select interviewees which you have interviewed some time before an opening becomes available. Recruitment targets can be achieved in the blink of an eye with a well-stocked pool full of talented recruits, just so long as you understand what the clients wants and maintain sharp selection skills.

The best talent acquisition agents proactively seek great talent, pique the talent’s interests in the recruitment company and keep them intrigued until the right opportunity opens up. By maintaining good relationships with talent, recruiters can very easily fill open employment opportunities when the time is right. Another benefit of maintaining a ready pool of talent is having the ability to switch employees if performance issues arise with the current cohort of employees.

We have been balancing recruitment vs selection for the white collar and skilled labour sectors for over 10 years. To speak with the talent acquisition experts, call Brix Projects today on +61 1800 621 066. Brix Projects is available to speak with you from Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm. If you are looking to acquire the best talent for your company, simply call us and ask what we can do for you.

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