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Talent Acquisition Strategies To Find The Best Recruits

The labour hire market can sometimes be a tough place to navigate through. It can be often feel like a struggle when you’re trying to find the perfect employee for a position offered by a client. Indeed, research demonstrates that 75% of employers struggle to find the right employee to fit the position they have available. Hiring the wrong employee can be detrimental to the success of any company, so regardless of the state of the economy and the depth of your talent pool, you should always take into considering the following talent acquisition strategies to ensure you find the best recruits.

In order to find the best recruits for the position you have available, your organisation will need a talent acquisition strategy. This should be a long-term plan. So, instead of relying solely on LinkedIn direct messages or job fair prospects, you should attract and retain talented employees regardless of job availability. Keep your doors open and be ready to nurture your prospects until they are fully ready for the jobs that become available during later stages of the recruitment process.

We have prepared the four following talent acquisition strategies for organisations looking to recruit new employees.

Align Talent Acquisition Strategies With Business Goals

Your organisation is probably very fluid and will require different sorts of talent depending on your long-term goals. If, for example, your five year plan involves expanding internationally, then it will be beneficial to hire employees with international experience. Similarly, if you are selling new and innovative products, software engineers or developers could make a fine addition to your work force.

Enhance Your Recruitment Drives With Data and Marketing

Convincing the right people to seek employment at your company is just as important as convincing the public to buy your products. Data driven strategies can be very effective at driving the right people to your company. For example, you can use data to figure our where the top talent in your existing employee pool came from and can dive into recruitment using the right university recruiting sites or professional networking programs. By also adding marketing material to your recruitment efforts you may make the job seem more appealing to the candidates you want. You can use videos or images to highlight company culture or incentivise people to fill out questions they otherwise wouldn’t during the application process.

Develop Outreach Strategies

The logic behind this point is that you will find the best recruits from different fields in different places. This calls for diversification of your job sourcing approach. Do not spend all your time on LinkedIn, instead, focus some of your attention on social networking platforms and some on channels like university recruitment drives or professional networking events. Once you have found the best channels for attracting talent, be sure to develop your relationships with organisers and networking professionals.

Focus on Better Employer Branding

Brand your company as a place that people will want to work at. Promote your company culture, events and perks to the nth degree! 80% of talent acquisition managers believe that employee branding has a large impact on their ability to locate the best talent.  Employees want to work at the company with the best culture, best values, professionalism and work-life balance. By broadcasting these facets of your organisation with your branding you ensure you only attract top talent. Update your Glassdoor profile and your company ‘About Us’ page to reflect the benefits you want available for your recruits.

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