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How does labour hire work?

In Australia labour hire is a common term used by companies, particularly in the construction industry, which according to Wiki means:

“Labour hire is the term applied (especially in Australia) to provision of outsourced skilled and unskilled blue-collar workers hired for short- or long-term positions.” (Wikipedia).

For those of you that are new to the labour hire industry and would like to understand more about how it works and how it can work for you, whether you’re a potential labour hire candidate or are exploring labour hire as a possibility for your business, we have put together this simple blog to explain the basics.

WHY is labour hire so popular with businesses?

Most businesses, regardless of industry, are subject to fluctuations in their business; for example the change in seasons can dramatically affect a business, lows or peaks in the business, or large/unexpected projects. In the construction industry these factors are common, with projects of different sizes coming and going, weather affecting the progress of a project etc.

In addition to the above, in construction labour hire requires employees with specific skills at different times of a project in order to efficiently complete it without added expenditure.

WHAT is labour hire?

Labour hire refers to the process of sourcing skilled workers for your project using a labour hire agency to manage this process for you. This essentially means that the candidates that you hire are not your own employees, but are employed by the labour hire agency that has sourced them for you.

Labour hire provides solutions to businesses that are subject to fluctuations and only require employees for a short time basis, which is why it is so popular here in Australia, as there is such a large demand within the construction industry.

WHEN is labour hire useful?

One of the major advantages of using labour hire is that it is completely flexible for you and your business needs. If you have a new project starting that you need skilled workers for or you are running at maximum capacity and need candidates quickly a labour hire agency can swiftly and efficiently fill the position for you. This not only saves you time but also saves you money. Often in the construction industry different trades are required for different stage of the project so it allows companies to be able to hire who they need for as long as they need, without having to worry about the lengthy recruitment process or having to hire full-time staff.

HOW does the labour hire process work?

A labour hire agency handles the entire process for you right from vetting the candidates by reviewing CV’s and interviews, to site inductions and then covering payroll, tax, workers compensation and the other administrative tasks. You simply explain to your agent what you require or what positions you require and the labour hire company will take care of the rest for you and send you an appropriate candidate for your start date.
If you are interested in learning more about labour hire and how it can work for your business and would like to speak to the specialists then give us a call at BriX Projects today on 1800 621 066 or contact us online today.

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