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How does labour hire solve our clients problems?

If you have never used a labour hire company before and would like to know more or are just not sure if it’s for you just yet, then you may be interested in how using skilled labour hire is helping our clients solve their own hiring problems every week. Let’s see if you are having some of the same problems our clients had before turning to labour hire as a resource and how it has helped them overcome those problems.

Staff Shortages

All businesses have highs and lows throughout the year depending on many factors such as seasonality, time in-between projects/tenders and staff leaving the company, which can result in staff shortages leaving the business at a disadvantage.

Labour hire is a quick and easy solution to fill in those gaps for the staff that you need when you need them. By ensuring that you are always operating at full capacity with your team can mean your business can continue to flourish and that shortage of staff can’t hold up your projects.

Finding Staff Is Time Consuming

If you have ever been involved in the recruitment of staff you can understand the amount of time that it takes to advertise/attract potential candidates, research the best candidates for your position by looking through each resume and then finally having to interview and then select the right candidate for your position. This can take a lot of time and resources as well as cost for advertising for positions, and unfortunately sometimes with no results at the end of the process.

A labour hire company takes this process away from you; labour hire companies have a large database of already vetted employees or has the time/capacity to undertake the whole recruitment process on your behalf. Not only can a labour hire company save you the time recruiting, as there is already a large database of qualified, skilled individuals to choose from they can find someone much quicker than you would be able to using the traditional recruitment process.

Cost / Administration Involved Hiring Staff Directly

Following on from the above problem at a lot of our clients were facing, one of the biggest problems is the actual cost and administration involved in hiring staff directly. The costs associated with the time involved in finding the right employees, then the administration involved with actually making them part of the team.

If you ventured down the labour hire route for your employees you wouldn’t have to worry about any of the administration involved when hiring a new employee, or the associated costs; the labour hire company absorbs all of this for you and takes care of the paperwork. One less worry for our clients.

Payroll for Employees

If you decide to hire your employees directly then you need to consider everything that goes along with their hourly rate; paying PAYGW for your employees, superannuation, workers compensation and more. In addition to this it can be a pain to work out overtime rates, travel expenses and different rates between day/night working hours.

One of the major advantages of using labour hire for your business eliminates all of the above; we simply set the rate with you before the candidate starts, and then we take care of the rest. We handle time sheets, payroll and all of the admin associated with this. You will simply be provided with an invoice that you need to settle. It really is that simple and that is why a lot of our clients use us consistently for their labour hire needs.

If these are problems that you are having in your business right now or anticipate you may have in the future, or you are simple ready to speak to somebody about your labour hire options then give us a call today on 1800 779 388 or contact us online today and one of our friendly team will get back to you.

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