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Mining Labour Hire in Australia

If you live in Australia you would be hard pushed to not know someone who has worked in the mining industry or know a fair bit about it already yourself as it is such as huge part of the Australian economy and even way of life. Mining generates $138 billion per annum (source Wikipedia) which represents 54% of total goods and services; it contributes to 6-7% of Australia’s GDP, far more than tourism (2%) or even agriculture (3%). Australia produces a variety of mineral products such as aluminium, copper, gold, iron, mineral sands, zinc and coal.

So we’ve established that the mining industry not only contributes massively to the Australian economy and employment, but as a result of Australia’s first-world safety regulations and high labour costs, as well as the amount of mining research by successive Governments and businesses, the Australian mining sector is quite technologically advanced. Mines around the world now make use of Australian developed computer software.

The mining industry itself employees 187,400 people directly and a further 599,680 in support industries; in a nutshell it is massive and a major contributor to employment here in Australia. Despite the high number of jobs in the mining industry in Australia, a high percentage of these jobs are actually labour hire employment. Especially for people without mining and resource specific skill sets; smaller mining companies don’t want to take these people on, train them up only for them to be poached by larger companies.

Mining labour hire employment is the most common type of entry for skilled workers into the mining industry. They will usually be employed by a mining labour hire company (like BriX Projects) and will be contracted out to mining companies for particular contracts, projects or periods of time, at varying rates of pay. They are of course still subject to the same rules and regulations as permanent employees.

There are a wide range of skills that are useful in the mining industry and mining labour hire has become increasingly popular following the decline in the mining industry in the last couple of years, meaning that companies can reduce their risks significantly by going down this route as they don’t have to employ full time staff. Mines around Australia are both underground and open cut mining, meaning that there are a wide range of skill sets that employers need to fill for significant periods of time.

BriX Projects have been working with mining companies around Australia for a number of years and have built strong, long lasting relationships as they have excelled with delivered highly qualified and experienced staff. We understand the specific needs for mining labour hire and work with our clients to identify the areas in which we can help them. If you are looking for a mining labour hire company and would like more information on the candidates that we have to offer or the service that we offer then please give us a call today on 1800 779 388 or contact us today.

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