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Skilled Labour Hire for Union Worksites

At BriX Projects we pride ourselves in being able to cater to construction companies all over Australia; regardless of their needs we believe we can find an appropriate labour hire solution. Our skilled labour hire solutions cover many different industries and areas, regardless whether your worksite is part of a union or not.

Construction sites are increasingly becoming part of a union in order to provide added benefits and support to workers, and workers are following suit and are keen to work on union sites for this very reason. BriX Projects have recognised this significant change and have already made positive moves to cater for this for our clients that are being swayed into introducing a union for their workers.

Benefits to workers working on union sites can include:

  • Protection against exploitation and discrimination.
  • Advice and assistance from union officials.
  • Participation in safety campaigns.
  • Personal benefits including long service leave, redundancy and superannuation.


This case study examines a current client of ours that was working with another labour hire company before moving over to BriX; they moved suppliers because their work sites have recently became union sites and the previous labour hire company could no longer cater for their employee requirements.

BriX Projects are can provide skilled labour hire teams for your construction site whether you are part of a union or not. By being able to provide the option BriX are winning more and more clients each week as we have less restrictions than other labour hire companies. For this particular client a member of our skilled sales team visited them on site, identified their specific needs and has since provided several vital members of their team to the union work site.

If the client wouldn’t have been able to turn to us at BriX Projects for their labour hire for a union site then there could have been serious implications on the project; a shortfall in staffing issues often leads to missing project deadlines and can reflect badly on the client although it is no fault of their own. It is also important to consider the client’s reputation within their industry, as they want to be seen to be able to deliver quality work, regardless of whether their sites are union worksites or not. By embracing union sites they are showing that they are committed to providing a better environment for their employees, and this shouldn’t prevent them from being able to take advantage of the benefits of labour hire too.

BriX labour managers ensure not only that our BriX skilled labour hire teams are arriving on site on time, completing the job to a high standard and are working safely, they also will work with our clients to build a strong relationship moving forwards. It’s this constant contact that our team provides that has driven this particular client to continue to use BriX for their labour hire needs, as well as taking on one of the workers we provided as a full time employee, another area in this industry that BriX is a unique player: permanent labour/skilled labour recruitment.

If you would like to know more about our skilled labour hire services or permanent skilled labour recruitment then please give our team a call today on 1800 621 066 or email us and they will be able to provide you with the information you require.





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