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Travelling Australia – Labour Hire Work

Sydney is a popular destination for travellers from all over the world to come and visit. The Working Holiday Visa allows travellers from save-money-tips-australiaoverseas the opportunity to come live, work and travel Australia easily for one year, which can be further extended to two years.

In Sydney we have been fortunate enough to enjoy a sunny winter, albeit a little chilly in the mornings/evenings the sun has always had it’s hat on. But now the days are getting longer, with the sun rising earlier on a morning and setting later at night. The temperatures are slowly creeping up and the sun’s rays are warmer on your skin. Leaves are starting to sprout from the bare branches on the trees.

As the temperatures begin to drop around the world, spring is the time when we start to see an influx of workers arrive in Sydney, looking for work as they begin their travelling adventures in this wonderful country. This blog is going to explore why labour hire is the perfect option for those travelling Australia.

download (6)Immediate start with labour hire

Chances are in order to start your Australian adventure you have had to save up a pretty penny; the flights alone can leave a big dent in your savings just to get here. So it’s important that when you get to Australia that you don’t let those savings disappear overnight, getting a job to help fund your travels is very important. With a labour hire job you will find that you can be quickly and easily placed in consistent work. At BriX Projects we are always recruiting for our clients and can offer you an immediate start, that your bank balance will thank you for trust us!

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If you’re new to Australia you won’t be sure what you’re planning on doing yet. Where you want to live, how long you want to stay in Sydney for before travelling, do you want to stay for longer and get sponsored? So many questions will be buzzing around your mind, which is why labour hire is a great option for your employment. Labour hire is incredibly flexible; we can offer different roles, different working hours and different locations for you to be working in. There are long term contracts and short term contracts, so you’re not tying yourself down to a permanent role somewhere. It is this flexibility that often attracts travelling workers to labour hire.

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Labour hire isn’t just labouring

You may not be familiar with the term labour hire, and you would be forgiven for thinking that labour hire refers to a company hiring labourers. But actually labour hire refers to much more than hiring labourers. If you work within the construction industry and have a skilled trade such as an electrician, carpenter, bricklayer (the list is almost endless) then you can again quickly and easily find work with a labour hire agency. With such a high demand for skilled workers in the construction industry private companies are turning to labour hire to find workers for their projects. Working with a labour hire agency gives you the ability to start work straight away in the trade that you are qualified in, ensuring you get the best possible rates even though you are travelling. As you will be new to Australia too, a good labour hire agency (like BriX Projects) can help you understand the different tickets that you need for your occupation and can help enrol you on training courses to gain these.

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Meet new people through labour hire

If you’re new to the country you may not know many people. How can working for a labour hire agency help with that you ask? Well we will be sending you to a worksite, a site with many other guys (or girls) in the same situation as you. It’s a great chance to meet new and interesting people on your travels. You may work on several different worksites while you are working in labour hire giving you even more opportunity to meet new people, not to mention see more of the city than you would see just being a tourist! Find the best secret spots that only the locals know about!

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Don’t want to go? Labour hire could be how you get to stay!

So you’ve landed in Australia, you’ve made some new friends, you have somewhere to live and your visa is almost up, but you’re not ready to go! At BriX Projects labour hire we have the ability to sponsor the right candidates. Sponsorship allows you to remain in the country for up to four years, with the opportunity to apply for Australian Permanent Residency after two years. So working for a labour hire agency that offers sponsorship (for skilled occupations) could be your stepping stone to staying here longer than your originally intended travels!


If you’re new to Australia and want to start work straight away, then contact BriX Projects labour hire today and we will be able to find you work that is suited to your skills. Meet new people, discover new places and let us help you do it. Give us a call on 1800 621 066, contact us online or register online with us today.

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