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Our top tips to solving employee retention problems

If you’ve experienced difficulty in holding onto great employees then you will understand that it can have a massive impact on your finances and that the whole process of hiring and retaining staff can be time consuming and tedious.There are many reasons why an employee might decide to part ways with their employer, our latest blog will look at 4 of these in more detail

Lack of recognition                                                                                                                                                                                                                           action-2277292_640

Making sure your employees feel valued is crucial when you are trying to retain your best staff and encourage a sense of team work.  Failing to recognize your workforce’s accomplishments as an employer means your team is less likely to drive results. It is really easy to recognise an employees hard work from simply saying “thank you’” or “well done for today” to incentives or rewards for a great job done.

Below average remuneration package

No matter how much someone loves working for you, if they are underpaid and presented with a better offer, they are likely to move on.

We recommend that you keep an eye on the average pay rates and where possible conduct some research on what your competitors are paying their staff in order to ensure the packages you offer are in line with this.


Most people need a challenge at work and like to feel that they are moving forward in terms of personal growth and development.

There are a number of ways to ensure sure your staff feel challenged, engaged and alive at work. These include

  1. Assigning staff to special projects with key responsibilities
  2. Opportunities for high performers to work closely with management or train less experienced staff
  3. Organise team building activities to keep your team excited about what they do
  4. Communication – let your employees contribute and always listen to their ideas. Communication should be open

Poor Management

Have you ever heard the saying “people don’t leave their jobs, they leave their managers”? Bad management is unfortunately a common issue among many organisations and can have a massive impact on staff turnover.

It is therefore important that your management team is provided with regular training in how to manage and get the best out of your people.

Your team are social beings with the need for soft skills such as encouragement, appreciation and achievement. If a boss denies these needs – even if the financial rewards are great – most employees will be quick to look elsewhere

Exit Interviews

From time to time , staff will move on and there is nothing you can do to stop them. If and when this happens ensure your HR department conducts an exit interview before the person leaves the company. This will help you determine where exactly you are going wrong and what needs to be changed internally.

4 questions you may ask the staff member that has decided to leave may be

  1. Why are you leaving?
  2. What could we have done differently to make you stay?
  3. What is it about your new company that is so attractive
  4. What would you have changed about your role to make you feel happier at work?

If you are currently experiencing problems holding onto good workers then why not contact Brix Projects today. Our team of specialist consultants can offer you casual, temporary or permanent recruitment solutions and can save you time and money by removing the hassle of finding skilled construction staff. Get in touch today by calling 1800 621 066

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