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Qualities of a Good Construction Worker

In the construction industry you will find a wide spectrum of different types of workers; from a labourer on site to a specialised electrician or carpenter. With such a high demand for skilled workers in the construction industry they can often be hard to find, and when you do find a good worker you want to make sure you hold onto them! So we thought we’d put together some of the qualities that we think make a good construction worker so you know what you should be looking out for.


In-depth Knowledge

Although this may seem pretty obvious it isn’t something that all construction workers possess. You would assume that a carpenter for example would have in-depth knowledge of their trade, but it isn’t just trade knowledge that is important. A good construction worker will have in-depth knowledge of not only their trade, but working on a building site, and in-depth knowledge of how to handle tools/equipment on site. Not only will they have in-depth knowledge about working on site and their own trade, but also of other trades working on the site and how what they do at work effects their own role. It is difficult to gauge this which is why a labour hire agency like ourselves takes the time to carefully interview every candidate to find out exactly how much experience and knowledge they have and separate the best from the rest.


Safety Comes First

When working on a construction site it is vital that safety is the first priority. A good construction worker will ensure that safety comes first, whether this is regarding their own personal safety or the safety of other workers on the site. Construction sites are dangerous places if they are not respected, and any good construction worker will understand this and will work to make their environment and conduct as safe as possible.


Attention to Detail

The devil is in the detail as they say, and attention to detail is crucial for any good construction worker. If a worker pays attention to detail then you can be confident that they are completing the project or their task to a high standard and are passionate about the work. Every good construction worker should pay attention to detail each day on site, whether it’s ensuring the task at hand is completed correctly, or removing a potential safety hazard. If attention is paid to the details, then the overall outcome of the project is going to be of a higher standard and more efficient than poor attention to detail, so these are the workers you want on your site.


Problem Solving Skills

Problem solving is something that we do everyday without even realising it; can’t find a spoon to stir your cup of coffee, this pen will do. Fair enough that’s a pretty simple problem, but construction workers are faced with different levels of problems everyday on site. A good construction worker will possess strong problem solving skills no matter what level they are at, and if they can’t solve the problem themselves then the solution to the problem is to seek advice from someone more experienced or qualified.


Hard Worker

No matter how skilled you are at your given occupation, whether you’re fantastic at solving problems and have fantastic attention to detail, none of it matters if you aren’t a hard worker! Being a hard worker is one of the most important qualities a construction worker should have as it will ensure that you are getting the best possible return for your investment in them as an employee.



Last but not least, and it’s often something that is overlooked, but a good construction worker is a friendly construction worker. We’re not saying that you have to walk around being chirpy with a smile on your face all day, but being friendly means that you are much more likely to get on with your colleagues at work meaning a much better working environment for everyone. Plus a good construction worker being friendly will contribute towards pleasing management. Being friendly also indicates a great attitude to work, which every employer wants to see.


If you’re looking for good construction workers for your project then please contact BriX Projects labour hire Sydney. We pride ourselves on being able to source the best possible workers across every discipline. Our team have years of experience in the construction industry so they know exactly what to look out for when it comes down to finding the right candidate for each position. Call us today on 1800 621 066 or contact us online.

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